A woman mopping her floor with a string mop behind a bucket of cleaning supplies.

Spin Right Mop vs Regular Mops: A Quick Comparison

Without question, spin mops outperform regular mops. Scientific studies have shown that both string mops and reusable microfiber mop pads can actually increase contamination. This is a shame for a tool whose purpose is effective cleaning.

Not only are spin mops better at properly cleaning than traditional mops, but they also lend themselves to fast cleaning. By controlling the moisture level of your mop head, your floors will dry much faster. Also, the more effective your cleaning is, the less you’ll have to do it!

Additionally, spin mops have an edge over regular mops because of their lack of cross-contamination. With a two-sided bucket, clean and dirty water never have to mix. The bucket’s spinning motion and wringer also help to fully clean your mop head while you’re mopping.

We will explain the pros and cons of both traditional and spin mops so that you can accurately compare the two. We’ll also describe the ways that our Spin Right Mop improves on the spin mop to really work effectively and last longer. We believe that the Spin Right Mop is the best spin mop in the world, and we can prove it!

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Mops

Different mops perform wildly differently. Traditional mops come with a variety of models, materials, and price points. Today we’ll cover reusable microfiber pad mops, string mops, and disposable versions.

Microfiber Pad Mops

We have no complaints with machine washable microfiber mop heads; in fact, that’s what we sell to accompany our Spin Right Mop. However, reusable microfiber flat mop pads are a hotbed of germs. This isn’t surprising, because these mops just push dirt and grime around the floor.

String Mops

String mops have many of the same downsides as flat reusable mop pads. Most string mops aren’t machine washable, though, so they’re even harder to get clean. Users of string mops have to redip their mop heads into the same grimy water over and over to mop their floors. Even with a wringer, these mops spread germs everywhere.

Disposable Pad Mops

Push mops with disposable pads may seem cleaner and faster at cleaning than reusable mops, but this isn’t true. While you might not be storing dirt and grime in your mop head between uses, you’re still just pushing dirt around the floor. The price of repurchasing disposable mop pads adds up quickly, too.

The Pros and Cons of Spin Mops

 The head of a spin mop

Spin mops are unquestionably better at cleaning than traditional mops of any variety.


Pros of Spin Mops

The main advantage that spin mops have over traditional mops is centrifugal force. This sounds scientific, but it’s quite simple! Because the mop heads whirl so quickly in their buckets, dirt and debris fling from them. The double-sided bucket design also prevents cross-contamination between clean and dirty water.

Cons of Spin Mops

Unfortunately, the majority of spin mops on the market have poor materials and design. Yes, even that TikTok famous mop that has created a cleaning revolution. We love to see more people using spin mops. However, it’s such a shame that the most popular mop in this category is so cheap and flimsy.

Most spin mops have a plastic handle that’s only about 51” long. Mopping is already an uncomfortable task for folks with chronic pain, disabilities, and tall people. A short and flimsy plastic handle makes this even harder and more painful. If you’ve procrastinated on mopping your floors because it makes your back hurt, you know what we mean.

Further, the hero of the spin mop should be its spinning bucket and wringer. However, the popular spin mops you see recommended online all have a cheap plastic wringer and only spin on one side. Are you seeing the pattern yet? These buckets are designed to break so that customers will have to repurchase them multiple times.

Spin Right Mop Performance and Benefits

We were tired of our spin mops and buckets breaking, so we decided to create the best floor mop on the market. The Spin Right Mop combines all the benefits of a spin mop with better construction for longevity and ease of cleaning. Our handle is a sturdy 61”, created to last and be comfortable to use. Our bucket spins on both sides and includes a stainless steel wringer for the ultimate clean.

Make an informed choice! Check out our Spin Right Mops today!