Cobwebs in the corner of a room.

Why This Triangular Mop is Your Next Household Essential

Are you tired of accumulated dust, dirt, pet hair, cobwebs, and crumbs in your corners? Consider dirty corners in your home a thing of the past.

Our Triangular Brush makes it easy to get hard dirt, grime and general buildup. Its nylon brushes make it ideal for scrubbing. Even more, you can easily switch between our microfiber mop heads and the Triangular Brush.

Using multiple mop heads will help you achieve a detailed clean on a variety of surfaces. Beyond floors and corners, you can use various mop heads to scrub walls, ceililngs, and more.

Just like our other tools, the Triangular Mop Brush is extremely easy to use. Simply clip the Triangular Brush on to the bottom of your Spin Right Mop, and you can start scrubbing right away!

* Fits both Round & Triangular Discs

The Ideal Triangular Mop Brush for Corners

We created our Spin Right Mop for ease of use and quality, and our Triangular Brush Mop is no different. Though we love our round mop heads, they don’t quite do the trick when it comes to corners. Our customers have let us know the same thing, and we listened.

Instead of touching up corners after you mop, get it all done with one tool! Our Spin Right Mop pole is 10” longer than a standard spin mop pole. Also, we build our tools to last. We were so tired of having mops break on us that we made our own.

The Spin Right Mop really does do it all with our new triangular mop heads! Their unique shape makes them perfect not just for corners, but also for awkward spots between and around furniture. This is one of those tools that helps you to work smarter, not harder.

Just like our microfiber mop heads, which are available in both round and triangle shapes, our Triangular Mop Brush clicks right onto your mop pole. We love the versatility of the Spin Right mop for so many reasons, and switching mop heads easily makes cleaning so much faster.

The Pros of Our Triangular Brush Mop

A person wearing rubber gloves and wiping down the corner of a room.

We love all of our products at Tovar’s Easy Cleaning. Today we’d like to explain why the Triangular Mop Brush is such a game changer. Our triangular microfiber mop head also fits into corners and covers all the surface area of a floor. However, it’s a soft cloth for cleaning and it’s not made for scrubbing.

The nylon bristles of our Triangular Brush make deep cleaning a breeze. They do all the work for you! If your corners haven’t seen any TLC in a while, a good scrubbing with this brush will have them looking good as new in no time.

We have all the tools you need to make your home sparkling clean. Everything we make is based on our own experiences of keeping our home clean. Treat yourself to quality cleaning tools that will last a lifetime!

What Makes Our Mop the Best

We promise that a triangle mop head will change your cleaning game. It’s not just about the mop heads or pads, though: what really matters is the mop itself.

This is what sets our Spin Right Mop system apart:

  • A bucket that spins on both sides, not just the wringer, for the ultimate clean floor.
  • A stainless steel wringer, so that you can say goodbye to flimsy, breakable plastic and truly drain your mop!
  • A taller (61”), thicker mop handle, for comfort and longevity.

We know how frustrating it is when your flimsy mop breaks. Trust us; we’ve tried them all! Our Spin Right Mop system is truly the best floor cleaning tool on the market.

With the addition of triangular microfiber mop heads and our Triangular Mop Brush, you can get any floor or corner clean. If you add our chenille mop cleaning shoes to your order, family cleaning time might even be fun!

Try our Triangular Mop Heads today and let us know what you think!