Ultimate Split Bucket System
Ultimate Split Bucket System
Ultimate Split Bucket System

Ultimate Split Bucket System

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The Ultimate Split (2 Buckets) Bucket System holds up to 1.5 gallons and has a plug to drain the dirty water. The stainless steel wringer allows you to control the mop heads moisture and the extra-long mop pole extends up to (61") which eliminates the need to bend and strain your back. The two bucket system connects with three hooks and is stackable for convenient storage. It comes with Two Microfiber Mop Heads one round microfiber mop head and one triangular microfiber mop head (colors may vary) that are machine washable Remember to wash individually and hang dry. For faster cleaning you can spin the mop head back and forth in the bucket with clean water after your done mopping your floors.

Additionally, the 2 bucket system comes with both a round brush and a triangular brush to scrub the floors, shower and tub. Also includes Dolly, a chenille duster that can be used wet or dry to dust, clean your walls, baseboards, wash the car and windows and more.. You can really get creative with it! (Hand wash only). This fully loaded system allows you to tackle your entire house with ease. This package also comes with a Free Surprise Gift 

Microfiber Mop Heads - 14"

Ideal for smaller spaces. Split Bucket requires refilling frequently. 

* Ultimates come with both Triangular and Round options (LIMITED TIME OFFER)

* Two Bucket System Needs refilling every 3 to 4 spins making it IDEAL for smaller spaces  (Not Ideal for cleaning businesses or larger homes)