Mop & Bucket System(Grey) - Tovar's Easy Cleaning

Spin Right Mop Care

  • Bleach & Vinegar NOT recommended because it can corrode metal
  • Do rinse product off after use
  • Do Hand Dry System to help care for it.


I've always worked for the man and wanted to be my own boss. One evening I was helping my wife Nancy clean the house after a party, and when I was helping with the mopping duties, I noticed that the mop pole felt cheap like it was going break or bend and it had a small handle. Sure, enough it did break! That's when I told my wife that everyone needs a good mop with a sturdy quality pole and handle. It all begins with the pole.... I started looking at all kinds of different mops at all the stores and I couldn't find a good one. They all had a cheap thin pole, small handles and the buckets weren't great. That's when I started TOVARS EASY CLEANING. My mission! To give customers a quality mop and bucket system they can depend on.


"I received mop in a timely manner. I must say that of all the products I order online, this has to be the best! Easy to put together , easy to use and easy to clean. Makes mopping a pleasure. Highly recommend."


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