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Elevate Your Spring Cleaning Game: The Ultimate Spin Mop

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Spring has sprung, and it’s that time of year when baby animals are born, flowers bloom again and cabin fever arrives. Now that the sun sets later, we’re noticing new cobwebs and dust around every corner of our house. If we have that in common, we’d like to offer you some of our favorite spring cleaning tips!

Our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is the perfect time of year to deep clean your home. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the order in which you clean. We’re only exaggerating a little bit when we say that there’s nothing worse than having to redo a cleaning task.

We all want our chores to go quickly and smoothly. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll focus our spring cleaning tips on efficiency and productivity.

Clean Top to Bottom

To avoid needing to reclean, view your spring cleaning vertically. Start by cleaning dust and cobwebs from your ceiling, lights, and fans. Don’t forget to give your walls, windows and doors some TLC, too! Next, dust and clean your furniture and surfaces.

Finish by vacuuming and mopping your floors. As they say, don’t paint yourself into a corner! Cleaning from left to right can also help with this. Leave yourself an exit path when mopping so that your floors can dry nicely.

Make it Fun!

To tell the truth, no one wants to spend the first beautiful days of the year scrubbing and dusting. For that reason, we highly recommend making spring cleaning as fun as possible. Play some upbeat music, take time for dance breaks, and crack the windows open.

Cleaning is often much more fun with others. Whether you team up with friends or family to get the job done, many hands make light work. If you do plan to tackle your spring cleaning with others, prep all your supplies beforehand and make a day of it. Having a schedule and plan for cleaning will make it a breeze.

Choose the Right Tools

A spin mop, bucket, and cleaning supplies.

Cleaning becomes frustrating fast when your tools are flimsy or ineffective. We recommend choosing sturdy cleaning tools with good longevity. Tovar’s Easy Cleaning exists because we got so tired of poor quality mops and buckets. We were not able to find a sturdy, long-handled mop in stores, so we made our own!

We make a better, longer lasting mop, but that’s not the only benefit. The Spin Right Mop features a 10” longer handle than traditional mops. This is a total game changer for people who have chronic pain or disabilities. You should never have to suffer to have a clean house!

Spin Right Mop Spring Cleaning Tips

We truly believe that spin mopping is the most efficient and effective way to deep clean any type of hard flooring. Our Spin Right Mop has multiple features that make it the most effective mop for cleaning at any time of the year. These features include:

  • A longer (61”), sturdier handle that we created for longevity
  • A stainless steel wringer for complete moisture control and longevity
  • A dual-sided spinning bucket for the cleanest possible mop
  • Machine-washable microfiber mop heads
  • A dolly for ease of use
  • Triangular mop head add-ons for corners

A spin mop is an excellent tool not only for cleaning floors, but also for cleaning walls and ceilings. Our mop pole features durable construction and extra length to make reaching any surface that much easier. Say goodbye to painful bending and hunching while you clean!

You can use whatever cleaning solution you prefer with your Spin Right Mop. We recommend avoiding bleach and vinegar, because they can corrode the stainless steel wringer in our bucket. Our mop heads are made of microfiber for convenient and complete cleanliness. Just throw them in the washer and hang to dry.

The Best Spin Mop for Spring Cleaning

Let centrifugal force and our trustworthy construction do the job of spring cleaning for you! The Spin Right Mop ensures the deepest possible cleanliness of your floors, ceilings, corners, and walls. The right tools make the work so much more efficient and effective.

This spring, we want to help you jumpstart your spring cleaning with up to 20% off any order. We’re also offering an extra 10% off orders over $150. We’re also including a free surprise gift with any mop set! Elevate your spring cleaning game with the ultimate spin mop.