A green spin mop cleaning under furniture.

3 Ways Spin Mops Can Help You Clean Faster

If you’ve been cleaning your floors with disposable mop pads or doing the old school string mop and bucket technique, a spin mop will revolutionize your cleaning.

Because spin mops use a double bucket, clean and dirty water never mix. The spin of the bucket agitates the mop between each use, and the wringer allows for optimal moisture control. Whether you want to clean tile, hardwood flooring, laminate, or some other surface in your house, a spin mop will make the job faster and more effective.

In our opinion, the only drawback to conventional spin mops is how poorly they’re made. The handles are short, cheap, and flimsy, and the plastic wringers frequently break. Spin mops have potential to be the hero of your cleaning arsenal, but the market needs some improvement.

That’s why we invented the Spin Right Mop!

How Do Spin Mops Work?

The cleaning power of spin mops comes from the centrifugal force in their spinning buckets. Dirt and grime is flung from the mop head as it whirls. Unlike traditional string mops or dust mops, you aren’t just spreading filth around.

Not only does your mop stay cleaner, but you also have more control over how wet your floors are. Our stainless steel wringer makes it possible to fully drain your mop head, as opposed to the flimsy plastic wringers on the market.

You really don’t need hacks for spin mops—they're just that good on their own! Our mops are designed to effectively clean any hard floors, walls, baseboards, and crown moulding. The Spin Right’s unique dual-sided spinning bucket ensures the cleanest possible surfaces.

What Are the Best Spin Mops?

A red spin mop and other cleaning supplies on a black floor.

We started Tovar’s Easy Cleaning because we couldn’t find a mop with any longevity. Every spin mop we tried would break. All the other mops on the market have flimsy, short handles and cheap plastic buckets. So we took matters into our own hands!

We are biased in favor of the Spin Right Mop because it works better and lasts longer than any other mop we’ve tried! Everyone has to clean, and we believe that’s a lot easier and more fun with dependable tools.

Here’s why we love our Spin Right Mop for fast, effective cleaning:

  1. Our mop handle is 10 inches taller than the industry standard. Paining shouldn’t have to be painful!
  2. Our wringer is stainless steel, rather than cheap plastic that will need constant replacement.
  3. Both sides of our mop bucket spin for the ultimate clean!

Get Your Hands on The Spin Right Mop

Cleaning can be difficult for so many reasons. It’s necessary, but it can be time-consuming, expensive, and painful.

The wrong tools make cleaning much harder. If you’re still using a string mop or dust mop, it probably takes you ages to clean your floors. When our tools are fiddly and ineffective, we sink a lot of time into trying to make them work!

Many companies count on planned obsolescence as a business strategy. Their products are created to break easily or become irrelevant so that the consumer has to buy the same proucts again and again. Not only is this bad for your budget, it’s also bad for the environment. We understand how frustrating this is—we created our own mop to get out of the cycle!

For those with chronic pain and disabilities, the drawbacks to cleaning can become even more pronounced. Most cleaning tools out there are designed as a one-size-fits-all product, but not all bodies are the same! Even able-bodied tall people frequently experience back pain from bending to mop or sweep.

We don’t believe that cleaning should be painful, difficult, or pricy. It isn’t sustainable to consistently repurchase a necessary product, or to be in pain just to have a clean house.

Rather than buying a product that’s designed to be replaced, buy one mop that will last a lifetime. Our 61” mop handle is both taller and thicker than any other on the market. The Spin Right Mop’s double-sided spinning bucket is completely unique, and our wringer is stainless steel. Our products are made to last!

Purchase your Spin Right Mop system today!