A woman in a striped apron and rubber gloves is seen from the torso down, using a spin mop and bucket to clean a white floor.

Revolutionize Your Cleaning: Why You Need a Spin Mop Bucket

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There are many reasons why you could be researching a spin mop right now. Maybe you have chronic back pain or another disability and scrubbing the floors is too hard or painful. Or, maybe you have a busy schedule and need cleaning to be as quick and fun as possible so that the whole family can be involved. Whatever the reason, we get it!

Spin mops are hands down the best tool for floor cleaning, but many of the popular brands really don’t cut it. The mop may clean better than a disposable pad that just spreads dirt around the floor, but plastic spin mops and buckets break all the time for a reason. They want repeat customers!

Our Spin Right Mop gets the job done without aggravating your back, because our handle is up to 10 inches longer than our competitors’. Also, not only does our bucket separate clean and dirty water, but our wringer is stainless steel and both sides spin for the optimal clean floor. Let’s take a closer look at what makes our product so special.

A Spin Mop & Bucket System is Efficient

If you’ve read our company’s story, you’ll know that we were ready to give up on spin mops altogether because they just kept breaking on us. No matter how effective a tool is, if your spin mop bucket or mop handle keeps breaking, it just isn’t worth it.

Every mop on the market has a flimsy handle and bucket–except for ours! Our mission is to give our customers a spin mop and bucket they can count on for years to come.

The reason we were so dedicated to getting our Spin Right Mop perfect is that spin mops really are the best way to clean floors. The double bucket means you aren’t sloshing dirty water across your floors, and the wringer allows control over cleaning your mop between uses and the level of moisture you’re using. The difference is phenomenal!

Our Mop and Bucket Spin Set Works Best

Very clean marble floors gleam and reflect the light of multiple windows.

You’ve probably heard the names of several big brands that make very popular spin mops. They’re well known for a reason; their marketing is fantastic! It is a shame that big household names and flashy campaigns don’t guarantee quality.

Our Spin Right Mop and bucket system puts the others to shame. Every other mop on the shelves is made for a customer base that is apparently universally short and has the finances to repurchase a mop over and over again. And they must not be doing much deep cleaning or making big messes, either, because those mops are weak!

Our system is the best because it’s made by a real family that actually has to clean their floors. We’ve had back pain from bending over with short mops, and we’ve had mops break on us. Cleaning our floors was frustrating every time until we decided to do something to change that!

Standard mop poles are only 51 to 55 inches long, while ours is 61 inches so there’s never any need to bend over. Rather than a flimsy plastic wringer, ours is made of stainless steel so that you can get the full benefits of the spin mop by fully draining the mop head. Also, both sides of our bucket spin so that you can, again, get the cleanest possible floors.

Tovar’s Easy Cleaning: Your Spin Mop Replacement Bucket & Other Cleaning Tools

To get the full benefits of the Spin Right Mop system, we highly recommend a bucket and mop bundle! You’ll get to experience the difference that a spin mop bucket makes as well as the ease of our long-handled mop. Our microfiber mop heads, included in all of our bundles, are even machine washable!

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