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Top 3 Spin Mop Tips for Effective Cleaning

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Cleaning can be tedious and difficult, and most of the mops on the market are very ineffective! Mops with a disposable pad tend to spread dirt around a floor more than picking it up. Also, regular string mops just don’t get the floors as clean as a spin mop, because spin mops have the added bonus of centrifugal force. Spin mops are crucial to getting your floors fully clean.

Unfortunately, cheap plastic spin mops are made to break so that you become a repeat consumer. Don’t get excited over the flashy marketing and buy your spin mop on sale just to regret it a few months later!

Instead, try the Spin Right Mop! Our spin mop features the longest mop pole on the market, as well as a stainless steel wringer. We all have to clean our floors, and our goal is to make it as easy and fun as possible for you.

Spin Mop Tips and Tricks

With multiple color options for any taste and mop heads and brushes for all floor types, our Spin Right Mop will revolutionize your chores! We’ve included our favorite mopping tips below.

Tip 1: Mops should be accessible, and cleaning shouldn’t hurt!

Standard cleaning tools just aren’t made for everyone. Taller and disabled people can experience regular back pain from holding flimsy, short-handled mops. We believe cleaning tools should be accessible to everybody and every body!

Our extra long spin mop pole is 61 inches, as opposed to the standard 50-55 inches. There is no need to bend and strain your back to have clean floors! Pain is not a price you should have to pay for a clean home.

With our stainless steel wringer, drying your mop will also be easier than ever. There just aren’t as many excuses to procrastinate cleaning with a Spin Right Mop!

A woman in a yellow shirt, light blue jeans, and white high top shoes is bent over painfully to mop her laundry room floor.

Tip 2: Cleaning should be enjoyable whenever possible

We believe that cleaning should be effective and easy but also fun! With a good product, you lose the added stress of a repeatedly breaking mop and back pain. Add our brightly colored buckets and the joy of watching the wringer spin, and even the kids will be asking to join in!

Family is the foundation and inspiration of what we do. We wanted to make a mop that would make our home cleaner and more pleasant for our family, and we want to do the same thing for you and your family too. After all, many hands make light work!

Tip 3: You deserve the best easy clean mop on the market

Other brands don’t compare to the Spin Right Mop, and we have tried a lot of them. The truth is that you shouldn’t have to battle your tools to get your house clean. They work for you, not the other way around. If your goal is a more fresh and comfortable home, cleaning should be comfortable too!

According to a survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, Americans spend an average of 6 hours a week cleaning their homes. That’s a lot of time to spend struggling with flimsy and uncomfortable cleaning tools. The Spin Right Mop is the highest quality and easiest to use mop out there!

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